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“No importa en el nicho que estés, solo importa como tú lo hagas” Artículo publicado en la Revista Mes 2019

There is still a large percentage of society that does not adapt to social networks. There are many reasons, one of them is because they prefer not to use them in their daily lives and interfere with their work, another is because it does not attract their attention or sometimes it may be because they find it complex; but surely many of this percentage are businessmen, employees or entrepreneurs who are seeing the need for these media to enhance their businesses or ventures have to find ways to learn or get partnerships to go to the forefront of technology and be where their target audience is: in social networks.
Television has been displaced, people tend to turn it on and continue using their cell phones in applications and social networks. This is one of the main reasons why companies found the need to migrate to these new media.

It has been so much the boom of this topic that there are already countless courses of social networking, digital marketing and influencer that you find on the web. In many cases they are empirical people who have achieved results and now teach others how to do it, but there are also people who have studied for years and specialize to provide information with content that is not on the web focusing mainly on specific strategies for each company, as is the case of Project Marketing, although the concept of networks is generalized, it works differently depending on the market niche that the company covers and that you do not find it in google, this work corresponds to a work of analysis and research that make strategic marketing agencies. It is not only about adding followers, it is about focusing the marketing goal, this is why it is important to establish a clear and relevant marketing strategy with suitable personnel.
The most attractive thing about this topic is to understand that if you learn a little, even if you are going to hire someone to do it, it is absolutely winning. Why? Because you will understand all the changes in your networks.

Everything is so simple, that achieving viralization requires more than having influencer friends, that the platforms are designed to monetize and manage guidelines and that we must show from the images a showcase that generates impact where community is created.

Social networks are a way to waste time, that is not a secret, but it is also a way to win customers, you need consistency, guidelines, focus and strategy. It is also necessary to review in which platform is my potential customer, in which influencer I can generate impact knowing their real statistics and finally get the customer to reach the whatsapp or website and make the exchange transaction that we call Effective Sale.

All professions are seeing the need to show their work: doctors, artists, chefs, businessmen, engineers, etc. The great advantage for everyone at this time, is that thanks to social networks, most establishments and brands deliver excellent service, since if they do not, it is these same complaints that could viralize your business negatively.

We invite readers to seek some of this knowledge, access educational platforms and also to recommend anything that stands out and catches their attention. It is a way to support the growth of the economy. On the other hand, we are in the era of growing from the alliance, that is why social networks make you more visible to your target audience if you give like even to your competition.

We all have something to contribute, in my case I decided to take advantage of my knowledge and my ability to teach in a personalized way. The networks are constantly changing and unless you are dedicated to them you will understand that every day there is something to learn, no matter how much you want to learn

This article is prepared by @Angelica_loperam of @Project_marketing_ who provide personalized consulting services.


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